Thursday, 26 September 2013


We are deep in gloom this week but only in so far as the weather is concerned. Early morning mist has become a thick blanket now. It tries to lift during the day but seldom succeeds and then it's down again in the evening.

When you have to start putting on lights in the early evening it's inevitable that a certain amount of gloom descends with it!

One of our problems is that for the last four years we have approached the coming season secure in the knowledge that up ahead lay an escape.....a way through the cold and gloom.

Spending time planning our routes, deciding on which countries will be our ports of call has been a great lifter of the spirits. Sitting in cold dank weather and knowing that just a few months ahead are beaches, tropical islands, great cities to explore....made even dreadful weather bearable.

But not this year I am afraid.

Having lost our holiday in Madeira recently we are reluctant to start to plan. In fact we are much against it in case our hopes are dashed at the last minute. We know that having something to look forward to is an essential ingredient in old age but right now we are getting no further than one of the good local hotels !

It could be worse, much worse so I am not complaining. We live in beautiful Cornwall, our version of Camelot, with good friends and neighbours....and family not too far away.

It would help though if our customary view of Falmouth was restored to us .....we havnt seen it for day's.....I hope it's still there!


  1. So Falmouth is like Brigadoon is it Jean?
    Reminds me of a holiday I spent with a friend who was working in Geneva, back in the sixties.
    The view from their biggest window was of Mont Blanc, (or so she said).
    I was there nearly a month and only saw it twice.
    Mists, who'd have 'em?

  2. Sounds just like London in the fifties and early sixties, before they brought in the smokeless zones. Not being able to see an inch in front of your face as you tried to go anywhere. Smog, mist, fog whatever, at least we can now see the hand in front of our face :)

    It's perhaps a bit like those romantic drama's portrayed on TV, always someone lovely appears out of the mist, only to turn out to be a bit #pride&prejudice.