Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Collar or no collar?

Prayer works and I am very grateful to everyone out there . People who don't know David and only know me through my daily mutterings are praying for him , though he is not now in danger and is still in the right place.

So far I've not worn my dog collar because it seems a bit naughty to use my clout as a priest, where all doors are open automatically to go to see my own dear husband but after several of you yesterday encouraged me in this direction I will do so today, having just been told that another man from this village is also there....two birds with one stone etc...

People often don't recognise me without a collar, until I speak...so my conscience is clear on this one!

The timing of the operation is a bit confusing....it's more a procedure than an op but having spent yesterday on alert, having no breakfast and his wedding ring covered with sticking plaster, he was then stood down at lunch time.

This morning I was told there was nothing planned for today...he is disappointed. But he wouldn't know if I hadn't told him!

Communications are clearly not a priority!

On a different note it is amazing how much clearer the roads are after the weekend! Getting to the hospital is very much easier now and the schools go back tomorrow....

This lovely summer is still holding on so I imagine the local beaches will be full today of people making the most of it before the term starts!

I am now aware that I'm wittering. Sorry. You can see where my mind is right now!

Praying that David gets a step closer to surgery soon!

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  1. I'm sorry that there is a delay in David's operation :(

    And the issue of communication is one that I can echo. When Jen was in hospital trying to get the correct information out of medical staff was like pulling teeth.

    They had given us lots of doom and gloom forecasts of prognosis and future outcomes, they misdiagnosed a severe chest infection as something much worse, and gave her every test and scan imaginable (she tells everyone that every bit of her has been scanned or xrayed several times over). All precautionary, but worrying, especially when an MRI scan was delayed several times.

    But, I agree that you should wear your collar because, the reality is that your are a Priest and a wife as well, and one doesn't define the other, but it does define your pastoral caring role for both David and others in the community that you serve.

    Hope all goes well for David today.