Tuesday, 24 September 2013

DPD failure.

Yesterday was not a good day. I had ordered a microwave from Amazon. It was arriving that day so the old one had to be moved. It was too heavy for me so David and I between us lowered it to a small trolley. It took us both to get it out to the barn, the repository of all dead utensils!

An email from DPD told me I could track the parcel. Then they gave me the time slot so at the agreed time I sat, iPad on my knee and tracked the parcel. I watched it go to the next village, realised it was very close and waited.

I saw the van as it went straight past us. The screen told me it was delivering another parcel first then it was our turn. Our turn never came. A new message came on the screen telling me we were out! They had pushed a note through the door with a number on. To rearrange delivery. There was no note!

I emailed immediately. We were not out. The van was close by. We were still in the estimated time.

Several minutes passed. No word from DPD.

I sent off email, tried to ring, got an automated service with no human at the end.

Finally I sent off a mail to Amazon.

They replied fairly quickly. I cancelled the order. They were sympathetic and refunded the money!

It was almost a repeat of last years BT frustration.

This morning I ordered a new one from John Lewis.. They use their own vans!

Fingers crossed,


  1. So frustrating isn't it? Wonder how much more of this will happen when Royal Mail is privatised? Many say that privatisation makes for a better service - I'm not so sure. Many companies are so badly run I wonder they stay afloat.

    1. It's the frustration that makes the problem worse. Not being able to speak to a human voice ! I don't want the mail to be privatised as well......but no doubt it will all happen in the name of "progress"

  2. DPD can be quite efficient, but have let me down in the past with a book delivery.

    There are now so many couriers out there, that it can be difficult to keep up with them. Bring back the days of either Royal Mail or British Road Services which were the two man carriers and much more reliable.

  3. I now have an email from DPD telling to expect my parcel today! I have advised them that I've cancelled it but as yet there has been no response! It's the lack of a human voice that makes it so frustrating.