Friday, 20 September 2013

Garden solutions?

Since David got ill our grass has not been cut! I have tried to get the sit on lawn mower working but it refuses to dance to my tune! All the controls are very heavy duty and I can't even get the handbrake off!

Our gardener John is now trying to strim the grass down. This would take a week, we are talking about almost an acre! I am trying to persuade him into at least trying to use the mower.....but he seems reluctant so yesterday David came up with one of his plans.....a wide path could be built all around it giving access to us in bad weather and getting rid of a lot of grass.....

As if by magic the man who does our building stuff for us appeared.....we walked around the area but David could only get half way. And then the penny dropped....he's getting the huge garden ready for wheel chair access!

Bless him he loves going out and right up to the top hedge but hasn't made it for some time! I walked around it with the builder....wide enough for a wheel chair....done in paving slabs and will cost a fortune......but as David said cheerfully, we won't be spending money on much else for quite a while!

This plus the mans request to rent our barn from us to store old furniture in means that it is a viable proposition!

I have now laid several hosepipes out to show the desired path.., stipulated no straight lines, ...the bricks have been paid for and yet there is no wheel chair but my dearly beloved thinks well ahead.....

This is sensible but I need a whole new set of brain cells to adapt to all the new solutions being considered!


  1. Even if the wheelchair never becomes a reality it will make it easy for you both to walk safely in even the worst weather.
    A walk round a garden as big as yours will be plenty of exercise on "must have some air" days.
    Well done David for thinking forward.

  2. I'm wondering isn't there some local farmer type who'd come along and use your motor mower to cut the grass for you? Perhaps it needs a service if it won't perform for you? We have one at our vicarage which does an excellent job, but each year we get a local mechanic to take it into his garage (literally across the road from the vicarage) and he does a major service, assisted by a gentleman from the company who supplied it. It isn't cheap, but much better than trying a hand mower. And, of course, it's a toy to attract a new vicar - a big machine to play with in the huge garden. In the interregnum, we've got a waiting list of volunteers who want to use the mower :)

  3. There's no shortage of volunteers's a question of sensibilities....or who not to offend!