Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Giant strides.

I am in danger of writing even more daft stuff than normal......David , allowed to drive again has just gone off in his's the first time since he was in hospital and I find I am offer to accompany him was turned down flat which I suppose is a good sign but if this post is gobbledygook just ignore it!

After having a summer of gloriously blooming pots, not being munched up instantly it was a nasty shock yesterday to find a whole pot of petunias gone! The culprits were not far away....very large yellow slugs....why have they suddenly appeared? They can get around more easily in the rain...their large slimy bodies need moisture to glide on but why the petunias?

Apparently cats can be persuaded to eat slugs....but as we have no cats here anymore I am left with the moles to try to take care of the's the least they could do in exchange for all the neat little hills we get up to every morning!

David has now returned, hood up because its raining! He says ,"An old lady packed my bag for me in the co op! "

The mind boggles. He is alright though and so is his car! We are making progress. Giant strides even. Could the giant involved now come and stamp on the slugs?


  1. So glad to hear David is back to something approaching normal, not so good about the slugs is it?
    I have quite a few and hundreds of disgusting snails too.
    We had weeks of dry weather longing for a shower, and after only a week with occasional rain the slimy brigade is back.
    Yuk Yuk and thrice yuk!

  2. I had to move a pile of bricks in our garden today to do a job in the garden. The've been there for a while and are those aerated bricks with holes. As I moved them, I found them FULL of the very slugs you described. Urgh.

    I gingerly put them aside and got on with the job, deterring a fox which continues to gnaw through our fence and slept in our conservatory the night before last, having popped through the cat flap. Hopefully my measures will work, otherwise it'll have to be something more drastic.

    As for Cat's eating slugs. Not on your nellie!!! Ours just pick them over with a paw, make a face and leave them alone. And because of the cats, we don't get many birds in as natural predators.

    Perhaps I can persuade the fox to eat them? I could put up a menu perhaps :)