Saturday, 7 September 2013

Home safe.

We are now in the aftermath stage! David is home, dressed and currently counting the cost of everything left behind in various hospital wards!

He has threatened to divorce whoever left all his shirts ironed but buttoned up! Not me guv....honest!

He is much better than when he went into hospital but is still a bit frail and unsteady on his feet! A week in bed will do that to you. He knows not to put his left arm over his head, he has checked the rooms with his compass and is very busy sorting out his pills right now!

I am keeping a low seems safer!

Seriously the NHS has done a wonderful job despite the occasional lack of communication. Half way through he did mutter between clenched teeth that he could go private but as it would have been the same team doing the implant there really wasn't a good reason to do so!

Our doctor spoke to us both when we got home yesterday and said words to the effect of, "When the chips are down the NHS delivers......"

No argument from us there.....we have many people to be grateful for but not least the NHS with all it's would be tragic to see it messed up!


  1. [*] Continue while David copes with recovery and you cope with David.:)

    I'm interested in the quote "When the Chips are down - the NHS delivers" because, I wonder how much ill health in some is down to Chips?

  2. Thank you for your for the chips I couldn't possibly comment!

  3. Glad to know 'he' is safely back under your wing (thumb) again Jean.
    Just keep your head down until the dust settles.
    Blessings to you both as ever.