Saturday, 21 September 2013


I know that what I'm going to blog today will make me sound like a wuss.....I don't think I am but if I be it.... I have something to get off my chest!

A few weeks ago as we were sitting in our upstairs sitting room on a fine Saturday evening , we became aware that there was a person on the landing...a holiday maker from Germany had climbed our stairs to ask me what time the Sunday services were! We were a bit surprised specially when I got to church the next morning to find she had told everyone what she had done! Her husband apologised for her!

During the week David was in hospital I spent a morning ringing around the green firms to try to find out about how the pace maker would be affected by the magnets in our airing cupboard. Getting no where I was at the point of tearing my hair out when a man walked in saying cheerfully....." there anyone there? "

I asked who it was and he came into my office all smiles, just as the phone started ringing again! He was another holiday maker . I got rid of him fast and went back to answer both phones ringing...

The same man came round the house one afternoon whilst I was sitting in our summer house trying to get some peace! I was quite pleasant about it and subsequently realised that this was the problem....I'm too nice to people!

It's now time to stop presuming that its my job to look after the lost sheep of the world.....

I am staggered by the effect these intrusions have had on me....I now lock the door during the day! I've never done that before.

My friends and people from church are amazed to find us locked in....I've always welcomed people in easily but they were people I knew!

Two strangers have had an effect on me which I am finding hard to believe....but David feels the same way...we are happy for almost everyone to drop in, there's a cup of tea always on offer here, but please, please make sure we are "at home"

I am often at the far end of the garden....out of reach.....there's a bench up there.....could be used more than usual in the next few weeks!


  1. So sorry that people take advantage of you in this way. I have to admit that we live behind locked front doors and access to the garden is through a locked garage door.

    Being in an semi-urban area means that security is something that we are conscious off all of the time. We set the alarm when we go out because there's been many burglaries in recent years.

    If people come to the door, we close our inner door and hold them at the porch door and will only invite in friends or family that we know. The high percentage of cold callers has taught us that giving them an inch and they'll take a mile.

    It must be really worrying that people think that they can just walk into your home without permission. I know that people think that Clergy should have open house, but there has to be boundaries and one of those is not entering uninvited.

  2. Thanks Earnie....Until recently I really didn't mind....but I remember when I lived in Essex that we were always ready to repel boarders when necessary....the siege mentality isn't needed here. We get no cold callers at our out in the country has its uses!

  3. I am absolutely horrified to read just how easily your privacy is invaded Jean. As for someone walking upstairs in someone else's house I'm speechless.
    Quite apart from being unbelievably bad manners, I imagine it is probably illegal too.
    A wuss for locking your door? Most definitely not, and even if your were, better a live wuss than a battered vicar.
    Put a notice on your 'locked' door saying something to the effect "If you wish to speak to the vicar please phone ...............".
    I realise that you need to be relatively available but not on demand, and with a security blanket in place.