Monday, 9 September 2013

Missed holiday.

The last David was too busy for foreign holidays! In all the time we were married we had one week in Portugal , a couple of weekends in Paris and a day trip to Bologne. We had plans....his cruising suit hung in his wardrobe on the day he died.

All our holidays were either on the Great Ouse or here in Cornwall.

After he died I finally got around to a few trips abroad and then I met the second David. He had travelled as part of his job . Together we have travelled around the world several times....I have seen and done more with him in the last seven years than all the rest of my life put together.

So we have not been deprived. We have had wonderful holidays.

When we were first married we had a holiday in Madeira where we bought a time share between us...our time share...not associated with anyone else so it has been very special to us.

We should be there now. We booked it before embarking on the last cruise...never imagining we would not be able to go. Last week I cancelled the flights and the two weeks stay.

We are not complaining at all. We live in the most beautiful place in the world...but today I shall put away the swimming gear and the sun tan lotion left ready to go in the spare room.....

We are but human. Our thoughts are returning to one of our much loved places....but right now we are better off at home. David is getting visibly stronger and we want to keep it like that!

In spirit we shall be strolling around the pools, gazing out to sea and drinking chianti .

In fact we are giving thanks for David's pace maker . Thank you God.


  1. I'm sorry that you are missing Madeira it is a lovely place. We went there 4 years ago, our last holiday abroad, as we now don't have anyone to look after our cats, and we won't put them in Catteries, they'd just pine for us. That's if we could catch them all anyway.

    We loved Madeira a lot. Stayed in a budget hotel in the sticks and walked into town each day. We toured the Island several times and as we went in early December, we had the bonus of all of their Christmas Seasonal stuff already going strong.

    We'd love to go back, perhaps one day we will.

    It's lovely to hear that David is regaining strength daily and that you are able to enjoy Chianti together. Thank God for that and for his bounty.

    [*] will continue in the meantime.

  2. Thank you very much. Everyone who has been to Madeira loves it...apart from its weather the people there actually like the English...this makes all the difference I think!