Friday, 13 September 2013

NHS works here!

One of the joys of living here is that the relatively small population has good doctors. In Essex if a visit it to the doctors was needed you had to ring about a week in advance. Here the first time I rang for an appointment I was stunned to be given one the same day!

Returning home after major surgery in my first year here I was even more amazed when the local doctor called on my first day home!

We all know each other fairly well. Marriages , christenings etc build up friendships unconnected with medicine.

Two of the older doctors having now retired we are blessed with young blood! The newest trends in medical advance are apparent with every visit. More importantly though they have time. Time to talk and to make judgements based on personal knowledge as well as clinical factors.

When my son collapsed the air ambulance arrived in minutes. They worked very hard to save him!

The National Health service here in Cornwall works wonderfully well, even in a place where the old are in great abundance! Many of the people I look after speak very highly of the doctors, the nursing staff and the health visitors. We are truly blessed.

It would be tragic if this trust and goodwill were to be's worth a prayer or two.


  1. Prayers winging your way Jean.
    True there have been crisis in the NHS in many parts of the UK, but when it works well it is still the best in the world.
    Long may that continue.