Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Quiet village.

Now the visitors have gone a collective sigh of relief can be heard most days as we rediscover the beaches, the pubs and the shops.

Going into the Coop this morning I was alone....the sole shopper after a summer of fighting our way to the cash points! It feels as though I have been washed up by the high tide and left to dry out slowly on my own!

Thoughts of nine eleven are inevitable today.....I was visiting someone in hospital that day....we don't seem to have moved on much since then!

David is still not able to drive so all his jobs are mine....though I have yet to get out the ironing board! He was very brave at the weekend and we thought a corner had been turned but it seems that recovery is some distance away. He is very tired and having great trouble with balance....he needs a stick to prevent him from falling over.

He is also very reluctant to let me out of his sight....bless him, he has not as yet got as far as the summer house which was his escape from daily life! People who know him well know where to look for him but it has been his refuge when the house is too full of visitors!

Our lovely new youthful doctor called to see him yesterday , listened to the heart etc and said everything was working we have to give it time! Time we have got! Thank you God.

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  1. [*] for Recovery time for David and some rest for you - we always wan't our recovery to be instant, but in David's case, he had a serious procedure which should improve his health, but it will take time.

    I hope that you both are able to move forward one day at a time with God's grace and healing power.