Sunday, 15 September 2013


When did dustbin collecting become so complicated? I suppose in a society that uses it's resources so carelessly some sort of regulations are needed! Having taken David to church for the 8am I returned home to have a much needed coffee. Sounds from the nether regions of the house alerted me to the fact that at nine am on a Sunday morning my husband was preparing to put out the dust!

This week is the paper and bottle collection.....all in pre designated piles....I did it before when he was in hospital and could have worked it all out for myself in due course but he beat me to it! He is now exhausted again!

The number of bottles is very embarrassing. But it does not need to be tackled early in the morning!

This is the Sunday I was planning to attend mass in the cathedral in Funchal..... St Just is in its own way just as beautiful....especially in the early morning but we are now very aware of the shortening days. Soon it will be dark in the mornings, so making the most of the light whilst we have it seems essential...and much more important than sorting out reams of plastic and cardboard.

I feel the pull of the wonderful words of Dylan Thomas this morning....."Rage, rage against the dying of the light"

This works for me on several different levels....please excuse me whilst I go and have a good old rage about dustbin collections, about husbands trying to get all the jobs done before breakfast, about the gale blowing outside and the mole hills, proliferating nightly......arghhhh


  1. Our Recycling is quite complicated. Two wheelie bins one for Green waste, one for general waste that won't fit into one of separate boxes for glass, paper, plastics or waste food. It used to be a nightmare until we decided to recycle only green and general waste using the two bins and everything that goes into the boxes gets bagged and taken twice a week to community recycling centres and is got rid of there.

    We don't have a problem with bottles, at least those that once contained alcoholic beverages. We're teetotal. Most other fluids come in plastic pouches or bottles (including fresh milk) all of which are recycled via the above mentioned method.

    And I like to get things done early, so like David, I'm normally down, cleaning, having fed the cats by 6am. The bins go out at the same time on collection days. Keeps the neighbours on their toes.

  2. Might I point out that our rubbish is not collected on went out a full twenty four hours early. The van doesn't come till Monday!

  3. I always put our bins out the day before collection. Our waste contractors have a habit of coming early, perhaps if they have time, to enable an early finish on the Friday (our normal collection day). So, we might get missed if bin isn't out 24 hrs early. So, David obviously has these sort of concerns as well :) Alternatively, he might be like me, someone who is habitually early for everything :(

    1. I guess you and David are people who need to do things early whereas I am always on the last minute! Takes all sorts!