Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Sad story

In all my dealings with hospitals one thing is abundantly clear....there's a lot of hanging about! I am not bad at this but I do need reading matter! Carrying my mini iPad which has a kindle app works very well!

As always I get to know the other people on the ward but there is a large turn over on this one. Only one man is left now from the original group!

A sad story unfolded yesterday. A frail man was pushed in in a bright blue arm chair....his bed followed and gradually his story came out ! He was waiting.....I am not quite sure but I assume for an operation! He had no visitors but a nurse came and talked to him for quite a lot of visiting time. He had not seen his wife for six months. She has dementia and and is in a care home 20 miles away. His heart condition doesn't let him drive so there seems no immediate hope of a meeting. They have been married for 40 years!

I had popped in to an adjoining ward to see a man from the village. He had gone walk about but two others invited me to talk to them instead! So the collar did come in handy! One of them lived in the village where I was on placement a few years ago! We had quite a lot to talk about!

Oddly there is a shortage of Cornish voices in the wards. The number of " comers in " is incredible!

I am getting around the wards, talking to other patients quite happily but I am keeping my fingers crossed yet again that today could be the day David has his op!

In the meanwhile I have my jobs one of which is cancelling our holiday to Madeira which should start next Monday!

Talking to the hotel is not easy either! But I will keep trying! My granny used to tell me that patience is a virtue! Hmmmmm!

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