Friday, 27 September 2013

Seasonal attire!

There's a nip in the air and David wants to go out for lunch! This means that a certain amount of putting on and taking off has gone on this morning.....It's the old seasonal favourite. What clothes will do in the climate hinterland between Summer and Autumn.

The out and out summer clothes will not do! The winter ones won't either !

Light weight wool is replacing linen in the trouser department....but that felt like giving in....

A search ensued throughout the whole wardrobe, neatly divided by cruise clothes, never to be worn locally, church clothes not suitable for eating out even though everyone knows me round here and the scruffy gardening or sailing clothes which are my normal wear!

I've finally settled for some black trousers bought in Chelmsford back in the day. Which makes them at least 15 years old! I am also wearing a pink blouse bought in Bloomingdales earlier this year! Against all the odds they go well together!

Obviously the pants have evaded various culls. At the back go my mind was my Grandmother saying,

"I should hang on to those. They might come in! "

Thank you granny...they have indeed come in! It remains to be seen how long I shall keep them on though!


  1. Would you care to amend your last sentence Jean?

  2. Hadn't quite seen that......on!