Saturday, 28 September 2013

Smoke with everything!

Yesterday after a week of drizzle and gloom the cloud lifted and we elected to go into the village to have lunch. We had promised David's son that on his birthday we would take him to a newly refurbished hotel for lunch but we thought a test run might be in order having had mixed reviews!

The sun was out and we had a table outside with a glorious view of the sea with the boats coming and going to the jetty. It was truly idyllic!

When the menus arrived there was nothing I really fancied so I decided a club sandwich would be the safest. We had our glass of chilled Sauvignon gazing out to sea and then the food arrived.

Mine had an addition of a sealed little pot containing pickled cauliflower. It saved the day!

The club sandwich was bitter throughout. It had the bacon, the cheese and the chicken all pushed together with toasted bread but the flavour was very heavily smoked. Not liking smoked things much I pulled it apart in the hope of finding something edible inside. Everything was smoked.

After a few mouthfuls I gave up realising that it had a very distinct chemical taste which was simply horrid. Even the pickle failed to remove this taste!

Surely the whole point of a club sandwich is to marry several complimentary flavours together. This was quite simply horrid and no one item tasted of itself! I explained this to the girl who asked if everything had been all right for us and she apologised, explaining that the chef had put the whole lot into a new smoking machine!

Ugh....the taste was so bad the only thing I could eat the rest of the day was a yoghurt!

It's still there this morning!

We will not be taking anyone there for lunch next week! We had thought about booking for Christmas lunch but not any more! The mind boggles at what the chef might do to turkey with his new toy!

The experience was not a good one apart from the sea and the wine so we have learned from it....but not on a good way!

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  1. I wonder how many Michelin Stars the Chef has?

    On this evidence -10 :(