Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Which phone?

During David's time in hospital I lent him my first iPhone. I had used it as an iPod and kept some minutes on it as "pay as you go" . When he tried to use it , it failed, the minutes had disappeared, taking with them my old number!

I assume that if it hadn't been used for a couple of years O2 took them back!

Now he's out and planning various escapes for freedom ,he is giving serious thought to a new mobile. It makes sense so this mornings task is to study the various phones on offer! I haven't looked yet but last time I did the choice was both massive and bewildering!

He likes his google tablet so I think first choice may well be android or something like that. I have told him a touch screen is essential, therefor no Blackberry! The keys are much too fiddly for an old man with slightly arthritic fingers!

His old mobile is attached to his Merc and works wonderfully well in the car... when taken out it gives no end of problems.....so a new phone looks essential....

This is today's endeavour for him whilst I have a funeral visit for an old friend....I am not really working.....just the pull on my heart strings meant I was reluctant to turn this one down, I've known them all a long time!

Any views on a suitable phone would be gratefully received by me but probably not by him! ,


  1. The new Blackberry's are have touch screen versions.

    I got a Blackberry last year as Jen had bought me a Blackberry Tablet. They work immaculately together, once you set them up.

    In addition, you can download a free programme that will allow you to convert Android Aps for use on the tablet. And there is also a Kindle Ap for the tablet.

    Posted by Earnie but one I accidentally erased!

    I'd had blackberry years ago and went to Android (couldn't afford iphone) and used them for 3 years. now I'm back with blackberry, much improved in my view.

    The other option is a windows 8 phone. Most these days are touch screen and can be used with a variety of portable devices via bluetooth or wifi. Jen has a Nokia with win8, which works with her Android tablet.

  2. From Uk viewer, the above comment did a remarkable disappearing act! My copy and pasting leaves much to be desired! Sorry Earnie.

  3. Ha! But have I convinced you? :)

  4. Having spent a couple of hours looking at phones on line we seem to have arrived at A Nexus related to his tablet which he loves.....he has not ordered one mind! We could be returning to this subject tomorrow!