Saturday, 5 October 2013

An over populated planet.

A whole series of disturbing images are insisting on presenting themselves when I least need them. But I pass them on with apologies.

The story of the poor Chinese woman forcibly made to abort her son because they had broken the rule of only one child per family.

The young man I found shouting at his guide dog because it kept pulling him away from danger.

The mother sent to prison for starving her poor child to death.

The shut down in America to stop a limited health service being introduced....

They seem unrelated but I am rapidly reaching the conclusion that we really are an over populated planet and that is the reason for many of our ills.

The last Dan Brown book tackled it head on and it's not science fiction but fact. There are just too many people on our small planet. They have to be we have over production, factory farming, intense insecticides to protect crops but which kill insects.

We all expect to be fed, and we're given a wonderful planet to look after. This week scientists have admitted that we are damaging the environment in all sorts of ways, the desecration of parts of the Arctic is one, the insistence on fracking in Lancashire is another.

We seem set on doing maximum damage to ourselves, driven by greed and the need for power!

It is I think time to introduce the possibility of contraception in parts of the world already overrun by just too many people.

God gave us this glorious place. If we are too many to feed then we become aggressive, we fight each other, we start wars, we breed strange deseases.

Heaven knows we don't want a plague to wipe us out but if we can take responsibility for the problems we have caused then we might be able to do something about them short of killing each other. Please God!

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  1. A great idea to introduce contraception, but making it affordable will be the issue as well as overcoming cultural and religious barriers to it.

    Simpler perhaps to offer vasectomy to male, but how will they feel about it? Emasculated? It's simpler for men than women and a cheaper operation.

    I'm not sure how we can do population reduction, but the Chinese example of compulsory abortion isn't one that we should be contemplating.