Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Delivery of sand madam?

The builder knocked off yesterday after spending two very long days with the help of his wife making good progress on our path! We are not sure when we will see him again because the weather forecast is dreadful!

Looking out now the trees are bending and rain pouring ...not good weather for gardening work!

However.....we do have a load of sand arriving this morning! I hope it's going to be in a bag but you never know in a place where sand lies about in abundance just down the road!

When I was very much younger than I am now I ordered some sand and some topsoil for our Essex garden which was almost all clay! It was a good idea at the time but I went out after the lorry had driven off and saw a great pile of sand on the drive with another great heap of earth on the front garden! No one had warned me!

I spent the entire day moving the sand so that my husband could get his car in!

The soil took longer....The next day I had to go out and buy a wheel barrow!

This has left me slightly wary of people in lorries looking to dump their loads so we are at the ready, David and I to repell all attempts at leaving a sand mountain on our drive....."Bellay me hearties...." Or similar words if necessary!

Wet sand is heavy!

It might be a good idea though to maybe fill a few mole runs with sand.......they are not happy with the earthworks in their hills are popping up everywhere....a bit of sharp soil could come in useful!

To wallop their dear little heads with if nothing else!


  1. Jean your tenderness of heart is apparent in every word

    You'll probably find the little darlings building sandcastles on your drive