Saturday, 12 October 2013

Digital joys!

Here I am waxing lyrical again on the joys of the digital age. Turn off now if this annoys you!

Since David was ill he has taken to going to bed rather earlier than he used to. Sometimes I stay up on my own but now I go to bed at the same time to avoid waking him later. This has begun a whole new way of life! Using my iPad I can watch any program on the TV that takes my fancy...even live ones!

This downside to this is that the next morning the pad is already with me so I get my mail far too early for comfort some mornings

This morning I realised that I hadn't updated my digital diary for a while so I opened up "Reminders"

It told me everything that had happened in the last year, all neatly ticked and done but I couldn't find the neat little rows of dates that I use for hopping around!

Since I updated to IOS 7 several things have changed. Most are fine but this one is annoying. I don't want to trawl through the diary day by day.....I want a small corner with the dates for the month all displayed so that I can fill in a couple of long term commitments .

Feeling slightly peeved I went back to my dear old friend, the first iPad . There was what I was looking for!

I filled in my dates up till Christmas and then went back to the new iPad. There they were by the miracle of iCloud. So they will be on the phone and laptop too I expect!

No excuse for forgetting anything now. A small reminder will appear on every screen on the due day!

Ain't digital wonderful?

Imagine what I might have achieved in my life if I'd had all this at the beginning rather than the end!

This modern generation! They don't know they're born!

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  1. I put everything on my blackberry, but still use a paper based diary to carry around with me. Belt & Braces!!