Sunday, 20 October 2013

Facial hair?

My friend and fellow blogger Ray has the great misfortune to have eczema. Worst still it's on her face! She is reluctant to go out for obvious reasons.
In a brief conversation yesterday I told her about my miracle cure after our new doctor here saw the horrid rash all over my body.....the ointment he gave me worked. Now if it starts to itch I slather it on and it fails to develope into a full scale problem!
I have been lucky in that it has never got onto my face....except once many years ago....staying in a hotel in East Sussex. My eyelids and all the surrounding area became very inflamed and very itchy!
I did then use make up so the first step was to I used no eye liner or still itched dreadfully.
Far from home I got out the current steroid cream. It would kill the itch I had no doubt but the doctor had said that under no circumstances should it be used on the face.
I had checked this statement......taking nothing at face value has always been a fault I am afraid.
The reason was that you ran the risk of encouraging hair to grow....
Well......I admit it I was less than impressed with this and after another day of horrid itching I succumbed...I used the steroid ointment on my face. I decided that I could live with hairy eyelids easier than red itchy ones!
The cream cured the itch which never came back so now I just have to live with my lustrous, blonde curly eye lids!
Only joking. So far! I have rarely since then used any eye makeup even though I loved the way it looked on special occasions. Even on holiday it is banned... And the only hair around the eyes are my brows and lashes!

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  1. I have mild, recurring psoriasis. Doctor prescribed mild steroid ointment for use sparingly on face and body. Now expired. It did work, but recurrence of disease at the moment needs something, I also have some exfoliate cream to use in between steroid treatments. That works quite well as well.