Monday, 28 October 2013

Great storm ?

Comparisons are they say odious but inevitable just now after surviving a huge storm!

We lived in rural/suburban Essex in 1987. The damage done in that massive storm was considerable.

Here on a cliff near the sea in Cornwall we expected the worst yesterday.

The wind started blowing up on Sunday morning and continued through the day and night, travelling east as it blew!

In Essex in October 87 my husband could not get into work after the storm had abated. Trees were strewn over most roads. He worked in the city of London which was closed for business, there was no one able to get in because trees were over the rail lines.

Like a good bank manager he tried to report to the nearest branch( no pun intended) but the route by car or by foot was impassable. He did what he could over the phone until that went down too!

Here we were warned and expected the worst. Everything was tied down and some trees tied into the hedge.

I walked out this morning in's still blowing and raining but everything is still standing apart from some pots !

I think it's because we are used to gales blowing. Many trees are permanently bent to accommodate the south westerlies! The roots go deep after several batterings.

I have brought in the dustbins lest they fly away now they are empty.....the dustbin men were here on their rounds at 8am!

I have my fingers crossed, and have said one or two prayers but we seem to have coped with everything that got thrown at us yesterday!

We are out into the village later and we have a grocery delivery arriving at lunch time. We shall see if our luck holds!

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  1. It's good to know that you survived without any dramas. We had no problems here either. Went to shops at and roads clear, either people were staying put or it perhaps due to half term here in N.Kent.

    I hope that the rest of your day went well :)