Tuesday, 15 October 2013


My car is due it's MOT today. This is no longer a day of terror like it was in the day!

My period of being a single mum kept me on my toes as far as cars were concerned.....the first car, an ancient Wolsly 1500 was actually built like a tank. It was also the ugliest car in the world, having a marroon and beige colour scheme! The walnut dashboard and the red leather bucket seats did make up for that a bit!

But it was before the days of the dreaded MOT. Just buying it a new tryre was an economic problem...and I learned very quickly how to dry off the carburetor and get the tank rolling without haveing to call in the local garage too often!

Now everything has changed. Opening up my Beetle's bonnet is like looking into new terrain completely.

I tried to work out its age yesterday and was startled to find that it's about ten years old!

It still looks good but it is very very old indeed for a car so when the bill comes in I pay with good grace...I have no plans to replace her...I will keep her going until the day comes when we decide to be a one car family....no rush...we both like our independence....

So this morning she will go in and I won't be praying for good news....I will take on the chin whatever the good garage man says....she is worth it for the sheer joy she brings me even on no start days!

Where we live is a long way out of the village and although David has considered an electric buggy it's unlikely that there would be one that could cope with the long hill into town......we shall keep our cars running as long as we do...God willing.....

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  1. It took till mid afternoon of not biting my nails to find out I have got off very lightly! A new windscreen wiper! And who needs one of those in Camelot?