Friday, 11 October 2013


I know we have all been phished at various times of our on line lives but still the small quibble arises....what if it's for real?

Modern phishers have learned a lot.....they now tell you your account has been frozen. Or worse, can be used by someone else!

So when last night just as I was going to bed I got an email asking me to verify my account with Apple I looked twice before realising it was going to take a trip out of bed to go downstairs to get my credit cards.....and then the penny dropped.....they shouldn't be asking for that surely?

Last night whilst everyone on Twitter was watching Question time I asked if the mail was kosher! I got an astonishing number of replies, some with just one word..."no" and others with more detailed advice on phishing!

I am grateful to everyone who took the trouble to reply....I went to sleep reasonable easily, glad I hadn't clicked on anything!

I looked again this morning. Someone had sent me a link to an abuse reporting site so I sent off the offending mail.....

Just one more anxiety remained.....the mail said my account had been suspended. I needed to test that so off I went to the App Store to buy a daft game. If my account was really not working then they would quibble. They didn't!

So that's OK. Another sort of phish, to go with those from banks, building societies, etc that are almost as bad as the PPL stuff that insists on arriving almost daily.

We are in an economic depression so it's no wonder that people are looking for money in unlikely places. But we are all getting wiser than we used to be! Hopefully!

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  1. I tend to treat all of these emails as spam and they get automatically filtered out by my email browser. But, it can seem quite genuine, but as I know that my bank or any other account would never ask me to confirm bank details, I just know that it's fraud.

    Well done to you for spotting it in time.