Monday, 7 October 2013

Pyramids at the bottom of the garden!

Everything settled down yesterday eventually! The route of the path was established by mid afternoon. The turf cutter could be more accurately described as an earth mover!
In my innocence I had imagined a machine which would cut neat little bricks of turf which could be laid neatly elsewhere... I was wrong, the machine cut away the topsoil, roots and stone as well as turf. It was all carried to the top of the garden and left in untidy piles against the Cornish hedge. I am very glad I had already harvested all the black berries.
In the event it really doesn't will all settle down and I can make a feature of them.....come and see our pyramids...
Look on these earth works you moles and tremble!
All the heavy machinery went home yesterday and today we are left with the builder....the paving stones and bricks have yet to arrive!
One of David's old friends is coming for coffee followed by a delivery from Sainsburies so it's going to be an interesting morning as we shuffle the vehicles around! At the back of the house is a courtyard normally big enough for several cars....we have held meetings here of at least twenty
 people in the past but no one came in a digger!

Next time David has one of his bright ideas we will think it all through carefully.....
It wil be lovely eventually I am sure.... And I am savouring the look on the gardners face when he sees it.....especially when I tell him that I am scattering poppy seed on the pyramids......there's got to be a silver lining somewhere!

Half an hour after writing that the lorry arrived with the bricks.....he beat the builder to it. David is now in his element!
The man who built half of modern London and parts of the M1 was fully in control, a few hundred weights of brick were nothing to him.
He strode out, took charge and sorted it all out!  No sign of frailty could be seen! He is clearly doing the job he loved. He told me yesterday that the smell of newly dug earth was very exciting. It heralded the start of a new job.  .  What ever happens now it has done my old boy a power of good!   Alleluia!


  1. This sounds exactly what David needed? Taking his mind of any frailty and getting on with things. He's obviously a doer not a spectator.

    It all looks promising and a poppy mountain will be useful for Remembrance - you could hold the services at home. Save a lot of hassle :)

    1. Not sure I could get them out for this year! May to wait for that one!

  2. Sounds fascinating. You must print a picture of the finished work.
    As for the moles - have you checked your sitting room floor?

    1. As our sitting room is one floor up I doubt even the moles could make it!

  3. I know that feeling. Glad to hear you are both enjoying the experience :-)