Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Significant dates.

On this day, the twenty second of October I gave birth to my daughter, Rosalind. It is also the birthday of two of David's grandsons.
On this day David's first wife Netty had a stroke and died.
On this day my son died just a year ago.
As he was dying two babies were being born that I know about, one a great grandson for us both.
How can any date assume such significance in a life?
Many years ago when I was an Astrologer I could have given an answer to that question....now I just don't know.
For us both, David and I it is a date we can never forget, never treat like any other day, never ignore it.
The best we can say about it is that we, the survivors will honour our dead, knowing that they have merely gone ahead of us to a better place.
We are not going to be miserable all day. I will not wallow....I will remember his first smile, the way he helped his sister to get things out of her reach, his gentleness and essential goodness and thank God for him!
 Here is a lovely Celtic prayer I often say at a funeral it's for all our lost loved ones.

Into the freedom of wind and sunshine
We let you go.
Into the dance of the stars and the planets
We let you go
Into the winds breath and the hands of the star maker
We let you go
We love you. We miss you. We want you to be happy
Go safely . Go dancing. Go running home.


  1. What a beautiful prayer.
    Blessings and prayers for you both this day.

  2. Beautiful and wonderful that you can pray so lovingly on a day of such significance. [*] for you both today.

  3. Thank you both......we endure!

  4. Ours is 9th January, my father's birthday in 1913; our daughter was baptised in 1983 on his 70th birthday; my mother died on 9th January 1995 and we moved house on 9th January 1998.

  5. Wonderful how one date can keep cropping up in a family!