Friday, 25 October 2013

Thank you Treliske!

We had another trip to the hospital yesterday. In the morning I did the midweek communion but immediately after lunch we departed for the trip on the ferry to Treliske.

When we got there notices informed us that the parking area was full. Go to the over flow park!

I got out and approached the two men working on the admissions machine. I explained that David couldn't walk far , could I not use one of the disabled places?

The men moved fast, pulled down the barrier, conducted me to an empty space immediately opposite reception and offered help with a wheel chair. Short of bowing they couldn't have been more helpful! Belatedly I realised that the dog collar had helped but that set the tone for another great visit!

Everyone was helpful, they found the brain David was having scanned with no problem and they even helped retrieve the glasses he'd left behind on his last visit.

As I pushed my dearly beloved down well worn corridors, everyone chipped in with helpful, cheerful comments. At XRay reception the young man opened a low window so that David could talk directly without the barrier of glass! After we'd been waiting ten minutes he went in to remind them we were there!

We returned the chair and got back to the car in record time having done two clinics....Once again I say a loud, heartfelt thank you to the NHS with commiserations to those whose experiences have been different.

All we have to do now is wait to see what they found in the brain....beyond a few logarithms !


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