Monday, 14 October 2013

Time hopping.

I put in an app a little while ago that goes back in time to last year. Then two, three tears ago etc. It's called Timehop! I enjoy this every day, reminded of years long gone. An old blog I found this morning was about the kindness of strangers and notes that no act of human kindness goes unnoticed !

This is odd because that was today's subject too originally.

A whole series of kind thoughts and gestures came my way yesterday for which I'm very grateful!

This goes on today. One of David's sons lives an hours drive away. The other one lives two hours away.

David is not driving far at the moment but I could get us to the first sons home in my little Beetle.

He in fact is today coming to pick us up to drive us into Devon to see the other one!

This is extreme kindness.....

Today's time hop also contained severa photos of my dog, Crispin on one of his last walks around the garden. Awe.....

It's a simple idea and means giving them access to stuff on the computer but I enjoy it every morning....

Work on the garden resumes shortly......having a day in Devon is not a bad idea!


  1. Sounds lovely.

    I hope that when you get back that the moles haven't built a castle and defence works in your Pyramid :)

  2. They have dug three big hills this morning, one covering the path! Arghhhh