Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Time zones.

On the day that we went back to GMT leaving British summer time behind for another year, there was something puzzling me. Our iPads went back easily enough...so did our computers, tablets, and even the central heating clock adjusted to the new time with no prompt needed from us.
All clever stuff so why did my iPhone not change? It stayed absolutely one hour wrong all day.
I looked at it several times wondering why but it was only went I went to bed that I gave it my full attention. It was still stubbornly proclaiming the wrong time and even when I went looking I found nothing that would explain it until I went into "settings"
There was the answer. Simples!
I had last used the alarm on the cruise last year. When travelling from one time zone to the next we occasionally had to set an alarm to get us out of bed in time for a jaunt ashore! According to my iPhone settings we were on Honolulu time!
At that moment the rain was battering against the window with great ferocity.....if only we really were in Honolulu!
It was a timely reminder that like everything else in this digital world, all our toys are man made....even time itself...
Time to stop if I'm getting metaphysical......

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