Friday, 8 November 2013

Bring on the visitors!

Since David became ill he has also become talkative. He enjoys talking. This is comparatively new ! He has always read, done crosswords and sudoku and of late spent time getting to grips with his tablet.
Now he is chatting away about everything...which is great but requires an audience so I told everybody in the various parishes that visitors were welcome! And we have had a constant stream ever since.
Neighbouring farmers, old colleagues , ex church wardens, present church wardens, old Uncle Tom Cobbley and all, they have all appeared this week, found room for their cars and drunk quite a lot of coffee!
Yesterday the new path around the garden was finished too so all the concrete mixers, paving stones, bricks etc got mixed up with the visitors! It's been an interesting time !
As well as David's friends some of mine are also turning up out of the blue.
Yesterday the newly bereaved husband of a very old friend turned up bringing a bottle of wine! I gave him a stew with dumplings and he'd never had them before! Never had dumplings? Very odd indeed!
We are enjoying all these people a lot...certainly not complaining but at night when they have all gone we find we are tired....going to bed early is a necessity for me as well as David.
How long this period of our lives will last is anyone's guess but it's OK....we find it is suiting us both right now but on my first walks around the new path I find I am not really in the mood for singing, "Follow the yellow brick road' It's more, "Oh Lord hear my prayer"

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  1. I'm glad you have your beautiful path finished. It looks wonderful, though I do understand the no Yellow Brick Rd reaction.
    It's good to hear you are having lots of visitors, but let's hope their enthusiasm wanes a little as time progresses.
    We had visits from neighbours when John was too ill to go out and sometimes I prayed for them to go so he could rest.
    One lovely very talkative one who had a great relationship with John called so often and stayed so long, even when he was bedridden, that he threw all courtesy out of the window, and when he'd had enough would say " K.... go home!

    She used to laugh and depart. Thank heaven.