Monday, 4 November 2013

Coping with advice!

I've just read my "Time Hop " day for this time last year. I see that then as now I was being tested.
I must try to hibernate during this period over the next years.....
I have different problems to deal with now though. As news about David reaches the churches and villages around us people are ringing, are sending cards and are being extremely kind.
It's the people with the good advice I am finding hard to cope with. When those people are the same ones who ring me up demanding details of the illness I tend to get a bit frosty.
David and are agreed on this one. Those who do need to know have been told. These are members of the family obviously. It's the people whose mission it is in life to advise that are the problem.
If they don't know what the precise nature of the illness how do they feel able to give advice?
"The advice takes the line of" You must stop everything else that you are doing. David has to come first."
Of course he does but why do people feel the need to say it? It should be obvious by this time that I always put my dearly beloved husband first.
It's the people who greet me with a smile and a big hug I value the most. Advice we have in massive abundance....prayers and love are very welcome!


  1. Please take a virtual hug from me at this difficult time. Prayers too of course.

  2. {{{Hugs}}} from me as well. And [*] for you both.

  3. Here's a smile and hug from me without any advice.

  4. Thank you so much....feeling much better now!

  5. Latest advice came in an email this morning......apparently I should be giving my husband curry everyday........