Monday, 25 November 2013

Dangerous assistance!

It's been a very busy morning! People are arriving to ask after David! This is lovely but I must keep a closer eye on them from now on.....

Whilst the cleaner was vacuum cleaning I failed to hear a conversation which I might have joined in .....One of our visitors asked David if there was anything he could do to help. David told him we needed a light bulb replaced in the light at the top of the stairs.....

This has been out for at least 12 months and I now have lamps strategically placed en route!

It is a light over a very long drop! The stairs bend and have their own little landing half way up....on which I've put a lamp. The poor man decided this was a job he could do and he leaned out over the abyss to take off the glass shade!

He brought it to me in the kitchen to get a hundred blue bottles out of the bottom of it! This was the first I knew of this adventure!

Returning the washed clean glass bowl back up the stairs I found him leaning out at a dangerous angle putting in a new bulb. I reassured him that his life was far more important than putting the lamp shade back on but he carried on with dexterity previously not glimpsed!

Undeterred he leaned out with great skill and a steady hand and fastened the shade back in place! And he did it without a safety holster!

Any other visitors should now avoid offering help......We have a few jobs in the attic that need doing! And don't get me going on the roof!

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  1. Ooh Aah. Not sure he was one of the three wise men??

    But, you're quite right - these jobs need to be done properly as unfortunate accidents can happen, as I know to my cost, just last week falling off a wall as I tried to cut the high part of our hedge :(

    There was a perfectly good ladder there, but not having a head for heights the wall seemed quite stable, but I still managed to fall.

    Pride injured more than anything else, but I keep forgetting that I'm now 64, not 24 - and recovery takes longer. Bruises now fading as is black eye.

    Why can't we get the staff?