Monday, 11 November 2013

Early to bed, early to rise!

In the new life we are being slowly guided into we wake very early in the morning. There is a logical reason for this. We go to bed very early! David is falling asleep during the evening so he's better in bed than in his chair facing the television. I used to see him into bed and then go back to whatever I was doing. Now I too go to bed so I can keep an eye on him.

This is where the iPad mini comes in useful.....I play games but I can also watch films or catch up on anything we miss on the TV . It's light enough for me to lie in bed writing...a truly wonderful invention!

He has his Nexus tablet with him but it's heavier than the iPad! We are often asleep by ten so we shouldn't be surprised by being wide awake at six!

We are in a whole new way of life here.

Coming up this week is our wedding anniversary. We will have been married for eight years. Wonderful years! What ever happens now we were lucky indeed to fall in love at our ages and we don't regret a single moment of those eight years.

David's son and his wife are coming over and we will drive to our favourite hotel overlooking the sea and drink champagne. We are not being morbid , we knew when we married that our time was short....and it was what we signed up to.....

This morning we have a Sainsburies delivery. I have ordered bottles of Madeira. It's what we drank on our lovely holidays in Funchal!

Late afternoon visitors are given a glass of this's easier to carry upstairs than a tray of tea cups and in our upside down house that's where our sitting room is!

We cope in our own ways with what life is throwing at us....let no one feel sorry for us....we are fine....but I'm not sure that watching Emmerdale is right for us just now....



  1. [*] for you both. But settling to a new routine is actually unsettling. Hope you adjust soon.

  2. Happy anniversary. Enjoy!
    Like the sound of the Madeira.
    Quite understand what you mean about Emmerdale.
    Love and BlessingsX

  3. Thank you both...I knew you would pick up on the Emmerdale bit Ray....