Sunday, 3 November 2013

Face book or Big Bro?

Face Book is clever but over the last couple of days I have started to realise just how clever! There have been two friend requests from people I haven't seen for years.

Neither of them knew that I'd changed my name when I got married so how did they do it?

I am not actually complaining about this. I am glad to be in touch with long lost old friends but I am wondering how it came about. When I was Jean Sharples, Facebook hadn't been conceived....

Twitter has also brought me back in touch with people from long ago but mostly the fellow tweeters are colleagues or bloggers that I've only known a few years.

On Facebook there are people from thirty or forty years ago.

I try not to get followed by relations . Close ones anyway ! Family discussions can be fraught enough, one to one without the world listening in!

There are now an awful lot of social net working sites, I am in google circles but these are intermittent visits only . I joined but never got going with Linked In which are for professional links I think, but the stuff keeps on arriving daily...usually in my new name rather than my old one.

I don't know how Facebook does it....but is it just possibly the modern equivalent of Big Brother? Are the thought police at work even as we type?



  1. The thing that sprung to mind when I first read this, was a very silly, "Wonder if Ena is any relation" :(

    But facebook does spring surprises - I've had one or two contacts from many years ago, but in so many ways that is a closed book, so I didn't take them up. Probably wise in my view.

  2. No. No relation But she did live very close to my mother....violet hair and all.,