Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Heating problems!

It's cold now and like the rest of the country we have low temperatures but so far no ice......frost is rare here, though not impossible.
The house is cold though and last night we realised why!
In May this year a green energy firm sold us the idea of the magna sweep. Two days were spent installing this system which operates by a large magnetic device that regularly sweeps all the radiators, keeping them much more efficient and thus saving on oil.
This is the first really cold spell since then and many of our radiators are cold.....
They are hot at the bottom but cold everywhere else. In the old days I would have bled them but now I'm not sure what effect the new system has had on the water flow.....I imagine a jet of hot water ejecting from the tap....and hitting me right between the eyes!
There is another small problem......we don't seem to have a radiator key!
This whole episode has been very difficult for David who is very unwell and reluctant to admit it....
So this morning I am on a find someone who knows about this new system....the firm who installed it has disappeared from the earth in a puff of green smoke.
And then I'm going to bleed the radiators if I can find a key....
When I preside over the midweek communion this morning it's safe to say that my prayers may be fairly unusual.....
We sent for the engineer.....
A very pleasant young man arrived, spent an hour sorting out the problem and we have a warm house again....    Thank you God, and the young man who has explained the peculiarities of this new system and how to cope with them.  Full marks for his communication skills!


  1. Sorry you're having this sort of problem. Our Central Heating is working on a 26 year old boiler and going strong. Not sure about your new system worked by magnets?? Does sound a bit high tech for something that provides heat.

    Prayers for you and for David are ongoing.

    1. Thank you...much needed today......

  2. Jean I know this will probably sound ridiculous but since you have a wide-spread and varied 'flock' could you not make a very personal and if possible, humourous appeal to your congregation (probably after the service) for someone who may know how the thing is meant to work.?
    Not sounding helpless but more bemused.

    1. That might work with a Sunday congregation but mid weeks are composed of elderly, frail ladies...David is the only male here present, We have come home and rng a heating engineer who says he will come today! In the meanwhile the boiler in on constant so that those radiators that are warm cover gor the rest that are cold!

  3. Hope you are warm now. There's nothing more miserable than feeling really cold at home.

    1. Thank you...great treat this morning....the house is warm!