Monday, 18 November 2013

Knee socks...again!

Many of you will remember my dislike of wearing tights but as the latest weather reports come in I have realised that it's time, I have to do something....bare legs are not going to carry me through a winter here!
I do have posh tights, translucent tights, thick black I don't wear them much they last much longer than most! I do wear my posh tights for dressy occasions....but these are getting few and far between right now so other solutions have been looked for and hopefully found.
I have discovered the joy of knee socks! Not the ones that look like short stockings, designed to make it look as though you are wearing tights, but the ones in wool, fair isle patterned and pleasant to wear!
They certainly keep the feet and legs warm up to the knee! Do they make fair isle long johns do you think?
What ever, life right now is fairly bleak and set to get anything that helps get me through the day with a bit of jollity thrown in is great...and they are guaranteed to make the most miserable person smile....if not roar with seemly laughter.
Right now little things mean a lot!


  1. We are currently selling in our church 'shop', a range of "Holy socks".
    My favourites being "The sheep and the Goats".one foot sheep and the other goats.
    There are several attractive and amusing varieties to choose from.
    Perhaps on the days when you need to be 'in character' you could have a secret smile at what only you need know you were wearing.
    Blessings and hugs.X

  2. [*'] for your socks that made me laugh! :)