Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Let down!

This is another failure to deliver story....I apologise if it's getting boring!
Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary and I had planned something special.. On the last day of October I sent in an order to Marks and Spencer with things for David....
Then I didn't worry too much because there was plenty of time......
Oh dear...nothing arrived so then I looked in customer services and found it had been delivered to a non existent woodshed!
Since then I have had several helpful conversation with M and S people!
Yesterday I had been promised a replacement never came so today we are going out....I am driving to Truro because it's the only way I can be sure of coming home with something. David is coming with me....he needs things too but he can no longer be left to go on his own....
I am cross with M and S....and with City Link . They have let me down badly over this one.....
It could well be our last anniversary and I really want to give him something nice!
Off we ferry!
Mission accomplished over and out!  I have obviously adapted far too well to driving an automatic . I got into my car, started it, stalled it and got the whole thing  in a mess. David said softly....."You have gears in here "
I then drove us into Truro in glorious sun shine . We have shopped. David now has a new phone and a new kindle! I have a lovely silver bangle!  A successful trip all round. Still no parcel though....


  1. Sorry that the system can't seem to deliver things to the right address. it seems completely negligent. Prayers for you both today as you struggle to Truro and back. And congratulations in advance for your anniversary tomorrow.

  2. Thank you Earnie. I had anticipated a struggle ahead but in the event it was fine. Truro is remarkably civilised without hoards of visitors!