Monday, 11 November 2013


Ok...links to book! I have never really "done" links so this morning I set myself the task of finding out! Hmmm......if I get it right the link should in blue or underlined ....I think....So here goes....

"Joey in Cornwall"

"Joey in Cornwall" Jean Rolt

Smashwords. com/books/view/376181

Those are the links provided by Smashwords.

None of them have turned blue or underlined. Let's face it, I am quite simply useless at this!

If any of you out there could send me a link with an explanation of how I could do it I would be eternally grateful. Copying out the words in the box at the top of the page doesn't seem to work either....

In the meanwhile I am getting used to driving my husbands large Merc to the village every is blue but not underlined as yet. I have not photographed all the scratches on it that were there before I took it over....I am sure that some of my own will be added at some stage!

If this blog starts turning into a stream of consciousness please excuse me....watching my husband coping with his problems makes my inadequacies seem trivial!

Please note that all the duff links above will get you to the new book eventually......I think!


  1. Here's how I do it on blogger when composing a new post or editing an existing one. Type in the name of what you want to link to e.g. 'Joey in Cornwall' and highlight it in the usual way e.g. place cursor at start of what you want to highlight, left click and hold down while moving cursor to end of name, then release the click. The highlighted text should show in blue. Go to the tool bar at the top of the post. You should see a word that says 'Link'. Click on this and then an 'edit link' dialogue box should appear. Type in the web address url that you want to link to e.g. The dialogue box gives you the option to test the link before you click on 'OK'. Once you've done all that you should find the words in your text have changed colour and are underlined. Hope this helps!

    1. It certainly does help . Thank you so much ! I will experiment with this tomorrow...and let you know!