Friday, 29 November 2013

Moles! Help!

Moles.......bleep bleep moles! They are becoming an obsession as well as a challenge.
Since the wonderful new path around the garden was laid the moles have been out in force. They are clearly not happy with the new feature! Every day new mounds are found often along the edge of the bricks.
I walk up the path with the yard brush and sweep as I go! This only seems to encourage them!
I thought they were nocturnal but yesterday they had been out between my morning and afternoon strolls.,
So now it's war!
The light sensitive bleepers, described as repellers do not work! There are four of them, often quite close to the new hills....I think they provide entertainment and music at bed time....they are certainly no repellent!
Last year I said I didn't actually want to kill the little dears......just make them go it's war!
Unfortunately , having looked at the assortment of claw trappers, mole traps etc I realise that even if I did catch them I couldn't actually kill them!

I have sent for granules supposed to be a deterrent.....they contain olive maybe they give them a tummy ache!
What ever....I am getting cross.....moles watch out.....I might have to become a dog borrower for a little while. My golden kept them at bay..... Where are you when I need you Crispin!

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  1. Lots of remedies recommended, but I suspect that I too wouldn't have the heart to actually kill them. Perhaps booking them on a cruise and leaving the tickets close to one of their holes will allow them to take the hint and go somewhere warm :)