Sunday, 10 November 2013

My new book.

Erm. This next has definite echoes of the sketch from Morcombe and Wise. I have this book wot I wrote....

This is a new book written during the last few weeks of angst. It's not however miserable . It is I hope of interest because it's a work of the imagination!

Here in Cornwall we have legends about Jesus coming here with his uncle, a tin trader.

The gospels say nothing of his teenage years when he was growing into manhood. This is a story about what might have happened on his travels around this bit of Cornwall.

We can not prove that Jesus was here but neither can it be disproved. It is possible. I have used the legends in several talks over the years and finally it all surfaced and demanded to be written down. As I have had the time to do it since David got sick , I've just got on with it and yesterday it was published on Smashwords. This is, like my first book, an ebook. It can be downloaded onto iPads or is also free. This is not a money making exercise. I am rotten at providing links but it can be found at. Smashwords/ Jean Rolt/ Joey in Cornwall.

That will find it. Joey is of course Jesus and his dog is called Mia. Yes of course Joey had a dog. He was born of a woman which means that as well as being divine he was also human. And all the best humans have dogs!


  1. So, where is the link? Surely you want a review?? Wanna Read it :)

  2. You know I'm rotten at links! Go to Smashwords. Search. Joey in Cornwall. It comes up and yes I would love a review!

  3. Reading your book has made me want to travel much further west in Cornwall than we did this year to see the world around St Mawes.

    In your story on page 21, the phrases "the other laws were simply man's interpretation of these original 10" and it was man made laws after all" struck a chord with me. Nothing has changed in 2000 years.

    Thank you for continuing to be here ministering to us all despite your own tricky path.

    1. Thank you so much for that! I am touched!

  4. will do it, but you might have to copy and paste the link