Friday, 22 November 2013

Organising time.

Some days to blog is the only option. On other days the only thing on my mind is not to blog, at least not publicly.

This morning I have already written up the diary which is charting my husbands illness and which is not for publication.

As my entire world is centred on this one thing it is hard to get my head in the right place until I've sorted out the rest of the day.

We have an appointment with our lovely GP this morning. He will tell us the next part of the story....

Yesterday's dramas with the heating, now resolved have left us inevitably reviewing our present and future options.

David's youngest son will arrive later...he says he's coming for coffee but I will put a lasagne in the oven just in case.

This week has been very week looks much the same from here, including another trip to the hospital which is never good news.

What is good news though are the number of people arriving to talk!

I have with great reluctance had to put two of them off this week....they are now moved to next week.

Keeping so busy looks like a good idea but in fact I need my quiet times periods of contemplation are vital to me so I'm getting fairly brisk on the phone. I hope everyone understands!

Spending time in the garden is vital.....and striding out on the new path a joy!

There are still plenty of things to be thankful for!

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