Monday, 4 November 2013


One of the joys of using apple stuff is that all the various devices are compatible, one with another. iCloud is just wonderful. I can photograph something at the top of my garden with my iPhone and by the time I get back it's already sitting on my iPad and lap top.

I update everything regularly and apart from occasional blips which are mostly failures on my part everything has worked exceptionally well ......until today!

A couple of weeks ago I updated Pages , the apple word processor on my iPad mini which I can use sitting down in a comfy chair. . I already had Pages on everything else Apple. It's wonderful and I've been scribbling away at a new book. This morning I tried to transfer it to my laptop like I did last time!

The email arrived all right but then we hit the snag....Pages can't open it! When I try it tells me I need to update. The problem is it means the whole lap top! Everything . I am not about to buy a new lap top...and it does have the latest operating system's a perfectly good one thank you Apple so the only solution seems for me to type out the whole lot again. When I try to download it it goes into a zip folder. I really don't know what that is and can't open that either!

Having to re type the whole thing is not impossible because I'm not actually working right now but it is a nuisance!

Surely Apple should at least warn you that if you update something you may have to update everything else that goes with it.....on the other hand it's an excellent marketing ploy....ahem. I may just have figured it out!


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