Saturday, 2 November 2013

Planning for the future.

David is unwell. That covers a multitude of statements that I'm not going to make even though the world and his wife seem to know!

From being very low indeed at the beginning of the week we are now functioning again as a team!

One day at a time is our watch word and will be for some time realistically.

But he has now started to plan again. We have given up all hope of any trips to warmer climes this year .

For this winter we shall be here, the first time we haven't escaped the worst of the weather for several years.

This is not stopping him though. Details of hotels on the north coast are being scanned.

When the north coast was first mentioned, Northumberland came to mind but I am reassured that it's Cornwall we are talking about!

He is spending hours looking at his tech magazines. New phones, electric carts etc

The new path has yet to be finished weather permitting but a smart electric wheel chair to wiz him round it has also been looked at!

Tremble now if you are local.

In his past life he has built beautiful buildings, stretches of the M1and kicked Canary Wharf into its present state. The great engineering brain is still functioning. Under new medication anything can happen, once he's planned it it's as good as done!

He enjoys a natter....all visitors are welcome!


  1. May he (and you) have all the visitors he can cope with.

  2. Thank you Ray. The two this morning were great!

  3. [*] for you both, but you sound in better heart than the other day, and David seems to be adjusting or coping with the changes. I'm praying that he is restored enough to enjoy the respite on the North Cornish Cost? Newquay?

  4. I'm making no enquiries as yet . We tend to avoid the larger towns but that's where the good hotels.....we shall see.