Saturday, 23 November 2013

Problems of nationality!

People are downloading my book, Joey in Cornwall. I check every day and an unexpected result is that my first book My journey is also having a renewed spell in the spotlight!

I have never even considered charging money for these books.....though I could make out a case for any proceeds to go to the church here. .......

So far though I've not succumbed to that vanity.

I did this week however think about putting the last one onto Amazon. It has been formatted for their requirements but even so it is proving a very difficult enterprise.

I thought maybe having a free book could be a problem for them but it's much more complicated than that!

They insist I have to fill in my tax is apparently the law in America. I do of course pay tax....but in this country!

In any case the tax payable on a free book can't actually amount to much if anything....but I am unable to get past this page. Even my address is I have obviously got to convince them first that I am a Uk citizen.

With everything else going on in my life right now this is proving a complication too far.

Forget Amazon....Smashwords, the ebook publisher is more than happy to download of course!

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