Saturday, 9 November 2013

Saturn Rising?

This time last year in the aftermath of losing my son I also lost my phone and my access to the internet and spent four weeks in limbo waiting for BT to reconnect me. People trying to contact me failed and assumed I was deliberately avoiding contact with them. I look back now on what was without a doubt one of the worst periods of my life with horror. No proper apology was ever received from BT for giving my phone line to my new neighbour and leaving me in limbo!

My discarded belief in Astrology is pushing itself back into my brain as now we go into a similar period of loss and uncertainty.

It can only be a coincidence that at this time of the year, things I take for granted go pear shaped......can't it?

A couple of weeks ago DPD let me down over the delivery of a parcel . A moment of research via the internet revealed that I was just one of hundreds every day to be treated with contempt by the drivers and the company who employs them.

City link are now doing the same! They say a parcel I ordered ten days ago has been successfully delivered and left in the woodshed! Whose woodshed we don't know but it's not mine! I don't have one!

I did though yesterday walk right round the four houses nearby just to check all the out houses!

So that's what Marks and Spencer are asking me to do today! Do they think people have no common sense?

The parcel contains two things for my husband....ordered in plenty of time for our wedding anniversary next week! Gone......lost....

It's pretty much in line with the rest of my life right now but I would dearly like to know where Saturn is.

The dark planet of upsets and disasters has struck again.....

I don't really believe it but it's a tempting theory right now!

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