Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Weather omens.

Are we unduly influenced by the weather or do we somehow cause it to happen? In my life whenever I am doing something vital, or nerve racking the weather almost always seems to mirror it.....I know it must be coincidence but that's how it feels.

I walked through a rain sodden park to get my exam results as a girl. They weren't good. It poured down on my first wedding day. That wasn't good either....the day or the wedding!

The sun shone brilliantly on the days of my ordination! And although it was November it shone again on the day I married David.

I can think of countless occasions when the events of the day were somehow reflected in the weather.

Today it's pouring down, blowing hard and we have a day at the hospital. I am using the "we" here in the same way that solicitors use it! We are both in this together!

Having already been into the village driving David's car a desicion has now been made to use my car to get to the hospital. This is because of the parking when we get there. It's much easier to get my beetle into a small space than his Merc.

That plus the dreadful weather is the deciding factor! We don't now need two cars.....but today has proved that it's useful to have the choice...any proper desicions can be taken in due course!




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