Sunday, 22 December 2013

A bird or two.....erm.

David has a good appetite. He is on steroids and can clear a plate of mince pies whilst I am still considering which one to take....for this reason I asked him what he would like as this years bird....he has always disliked turkey so I was amazed by his choice but after seeing various adverts on the TV he would like the three bird option. A large bird filled by a smaller bird inside a gigantic bird.

Well ok I am giving him everything he wants right now so I ordered one. It arrived yesterday and the first anxiety was whether it would go in the fridge! It did. Just. I have yet to read what poor birds are crammed inside the large one....I shall have to read the instructions before starting....

I just hope they haven't crammed a robin in there!

Another of U A Fanthorps wonderful Christmas poems. The Robin.

I am the proper

Bird for this season

Not blessed St Turkey

Born to be eaten


I'm man's inedible

Permanent bird

I dine in his garden

My spoon is his spade


I'm the true token

Of Christ the Christ-King

I nest in man's stable

I eat at man's table

Through all his dark winters

I sing.




  1. As a vegetarian I read the first part of your post with a shudder. The second part however, is lovely.
    So very true.that really is the essence of 'robin'.
    B y the way. the one in your picture doesn't look like any robin I've ever seen.
    Just saying.

  2. I do see what you looks damp!