Monday, 16 December 2013

A Quiet Christmas!

It's going to be a very quiet Christmas. I suppose that's self evident now.

I have done the busy Christmas. The year I remember with feelings of awe was the year when the incumbent here had taken early retirement leaving me and an ancient retired priest picking up the pieces .

The run up to the big day was daunting. I had no clear idea how I would get it all done...but I was going to try.

On the Eve of Christmas I was down to do two crib services, one in my original parish in the next village and one here.

These were to be followed by a midnight mass. It was hardly worth going home, the eight am started a few hours later!

This was followed by two more services at nine thirty and eleven am.

Surveying all these in my diary was I admit daunting....I was not sure I would survive!

A good friend rang in the afternoon to suggest that she could do the first crib service for me. I accepted this with grateful thanks...

The ancient priest then offered his services for the nine thirty communion. Another relief!

This now left me with five services inside half a day....I was about 70 then but I managed them all before collapsing in a heap!

This year there wil be no services at all. My colleagues have stepped into the few I my request. I am needed here at home.

This is neither a relief or a chore.....God puts us in the right place to do His work and my place this year is with David. Each new day brings us tears, laughter and joy!

We will face the day together , listen to the carols from Kings, go to bed early and have a blessed quiet Christmas Day....

It could be much have faced several Christmasses on my own....this ones better I promise you.!



  1. I don't know you personally, but have followed your blog for quite some time. It's a "must read" for me, but as I perceive you as a very private person. Just want to say: (1) I went through a brain tumor with my father and yes, it was heartbreaking, and (2) have much respect for you and yours. Not the least of which is your generosity in sharing with those of us who care about you and David.