Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas and the cat in the manger.

It's Christmas Eve. It's half past eight and I'm in bed. David needed to get to bed and I can't let him go on his own....if he needed me I'd never forgive myself......

I've got a drink by the side of the bed...so not given up on Christmas festivities completely.

I am trying hard not to remember other Christmases...with the first David and my children. I then have to stop because none of them are with me any more...

I refuse to allow the tears to fall, the misery to take hold so I'm going back to an old favourite....another poem by UA Fanthorpe, one I've used before but it's my favourite...

Cat in the manger.


In the story, "I'm not there.

Ox and ass arranged at prayer

But me! Nowhere


Anti cat evangelists

How on earth could you have missed

Such an obvious and able

Occupant of any stable?


Who excluded mouse and rat?

The harmless necessary cat.

Who smuggled in with the holy pair?

Me. And my purr.


Matthew, Matk and Luke and John

(who got it wrong,

Who left out the cat)

Remember that,

Wherever He went in this great affair,

I was there.



  1. Lovely. Lovely picture too.
    One advantage you may have missed about going to bed so early with a drink is you can drink as much as you like, cos there's no fear of falling down.
    I'll think of you while struggling out in the rain and wind, getting into my 11.oopm taxi for Midnight Mass.
    Some of my neighbours are already in bed, houses dark and it's not yet 10.30.
    Have a happy Christmas Jean and David.X

    1. I hope midnight mass went well....I love doing it here! Have as good a Christmas as is possible Ray! Xxx

  2. Lovely thought. All of our cats have been fed and are now back to sleep. It's a Cat's life really. :)

    Wishing you and David a lovely peaceful and joyful Christmas and prayers for David in the New Year as his treatment commences and for you, remembering, loving and supporting him.