Sunday, 1 December 2013

Dark advent .

This morning it was very dark indeed as we got up to go to the eight o'clock service at St Just. I have more or less pulled out of the other services because it means leaving David on his own. He gets confused very easily so going to take an early morning half hour service in the church nearest to us is a practical solution.

It is a magical time to arrive in a glimmer of first light with the candles shining out of the windows..a metaphor for the light of the world, especially this morning,the first in Advent.

The Advent ring was already in place and I asked a member of the congregation to light the first one...

The brightness was particularly relevant this morning as David and I are feeling our way through our own gloom!

As I spend most of my time at the altar in this service it was a relief to look up and find my daughter in law sitting next to David and she escorted him gently up the aisle to the altar rail...

Advent, our preparation for the Christchild felt very real this morning....a lifting of the deepest dark and I remembered the lovely poem by Frost which has meant so much to me over the years.

The woods are lovely , dark and deep.

But I have promises to keep

And hours to go before I sleep

And hours to go before I sleep!

Hopefully God willing!


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  1. [*] thinking of you both at this time of expectation and excitement. "Come Jesus Come", to David and Jean, Bring your healing power and peace, breath of God, breath your grace over them. Amen