Monday, 30 December 2013


None of yesterday went to plan. None of what went wrong was anyone's fault.... it was just the way it turned out. First the ambulance was very late picking us up because an accident had happened elsewhere. When we did get to the hospital we had to first go to have David's pacemaker checked. This took about half an hour pushing a wheel chair down long corridors. By this time it was obvious that this was something we could not hope to do every day. We were already very tired.

When we got to the centre aptly called "The Sunrise Centre" we had another wait which was my fault because I insisted on speaking to a doctor. This took us to well into the afternoon. David was looking very old and tired and so was I . Fortunately much of the strain was taken by a very good and capable friend who had undertaken to drive me around.

The doctor took one look at David and agreed when I said this was an exercise we could not do every day. He then went off to rejig our visits so that David would get the same dose of radium but on every other day.

David having had his first dose then had to go back to the cardiac unit to have his pacemaker checked again!

This meant missing the ambulance home...we waited another hour, all of us getting very hungry was a long time since breakfast! I went to find us some food and then finally the ambulance came back and we got home around five! Totally exhausted. Both off us!

Lots of good things happened yesterday, including lots of hugs from our last next door neighbour who was on reception. The men on the ambulance carried David down the stairs and then up the stairs with good will and humour but the day had completely wiped us out!

The turkey broth was served, a couple of small drinks poured and we were in bed by eight pm!

It was an exhausting day but David has started his treatment....we wait to see now....

New Year's Day means that this week we can't do Wednesday so the next one will be on Friday...we should be rested by then!

Our heating is due to be fixed today too so it's all good....thank you God!


  1. {{{Hugs}}} and Prayers [*] for you both. What an experience - hope that the planned changes makes it a bit easier.

  2. Prayers for strength and healing and sending a hug. X