Wednesday, 4 December 2013

God news all round!

Yesterday was a good day in every way that why am I still furious with Tesco?

Because they have failed to respond to two emails . The two people I spoke to said nothing could be done about delivering Christmas three weeks early and expected the matter to rest there. The inference is of course that it must be my fault but I know it was not. I did not tick a box for December 2. I did tick a box for Dec 22. Work it out for yourselves!

The good thing though was that at our visit to see the oncologist yesterday they said David's tumour was treatable....and that there were no others to contend with!

The Sunrise unit at the hospital was tucked away and was one of the few places I have never visited before.

It had the atmosphere of a club. It was evident that they all knew each other....kind words were spoken and although we had a wait it was mitigated by seeing people being caring and kind. We were offered drinks and was very soon we will become members of that club....they were all having radio treatment.....

Travelling in and out of Truro everyday in the weeks before Christmas is not something we would have chosen but it is such a relief that David will start his treatment soon that the rest is incidental!

Next to this the hassle with Tesco is incidental but I am determined to get some sort of response from them....even if I have to write to the CE!


  1. I'm so very glad about David's tumour being treatable Jean.
    What a relief.
    Nevertheless, Tesco really need a good hard kick and I trust you will now feel empowered to deliver it.
    Blessings, as everX

  2. Thank you Ray.....we are in a much more positive phase now we know something can be done! As for Tesco.....bah humbug!

  3. Sorry, Jean, I've just caught up with this. As Ray says, it's good news that David's condition is treatable and that it will be treated soon.
    Prayers are ongoing for you both [*]

  4. Thank you......prayer seems to be helping right now.